The name game

We know what you’re thinking – “What does ‘brap’ stand for?”

Well, brap stands for equality, fairness, human rights, social justice, and better outcomes for service users.

It used to stand for ‘Birmingham Race Action Partnership’. The partnership was between a range of organisations, including the Learning & Skills Council, Birmingham local authority, Birmingham TUC and Connexions. They all came together in recognition of the need for some fresh, evidenced-based thinking on equalities issues.

That was in 1999. It soon became clear, though, that Birmingham Race Action Partnership was a slightly misleading name.

We realised a long time ago that tackling ‘race’ inequalities meant tackling all forms of inequality, so our work wasn’t just restricted to race. In addition, a lot of our work was national, not just local to Birmingham. And while the original partners still maintain a close interest in the organisation and have a role within the governance structure, it wasn’t entirely accurate to describe brap as a ‘partnership’.

In fact, by 2006, the only part of our name that accurately reflected what we did was ‘Action’.

So we decided to change it to ‘brap’. It’s how people knew us and what we stood for: fairness and human rights.