Who we are

About brap
brap is a think fair tank, inspiring and leading change to make public, private and voluntary sector organisations fit for the needs of a more diverse society. brap offers tailored, progressive and common sense approaches to equalities training, consultancy and community engagement issues.

Our vision
Making equality work for everyone.

Our mission
To help people, communities, and the organisations that serve them turn equality into reality.

Our aims

  1. to promote a learning culture – one where equalities can be openly discussed, questioned and acquired
  2. to help people develop a more informed and confident approach to equality implementation
  3. to make sure that equality practices are fair
  4. to enable more people to connect with equality and help to make a fairer society

You can read more about how we intend to make this happen by reading our strategic plan. Download it here (1.04 MB).

Because restrictive equality ‘categories’ frequently separate people and deny our shared humanity, we use human rights principles to help understand how decisions about ‘entitlement’ can be just and proportionate, while also recognising the complexity of the human condition.

brap is a registered charity (England and Wales) No. 1115990

brap is a UK registered company No. 03693499