Support with the WRES

Equality initiatives in the NHS are a lot like buses. They're big, aim to get a lot of people on board, and rarely go where you want them to.

And, of course, there are lots of them. When a new initiative is announced, the temptation is to respond to it without seeing how it aligns with your existing must do’s. But this can lead to spreading yourself too thinly.

Over the last five years, we’ve worked with over 40 NHS trusts. In that time, we’ve learnt how to align organisations’ equalities practice with their core work.

But this is about more than just identifying common activities. The right equality approach can help your organisation deliver great patient care. Our support can:

  • help you have more insightful conversations with patients and carers
  • invigorate and motivate staff
  • help staff understand the precise actions they need to take to deliver great services
  • help you recruit, retain and promote the best talent

Many organisations have asked us to work on particular issues. Where we’re best, though, is when we can take a holistic approach to understanding and addressing your needs.

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