Difficult conversations

Conflict needn’t be harmful.

Whether it’s internal conciliation or external mediation, we’ve helped a range of organisations channel people’s conflicting views into productive and positive outcomes.

Panel facilitation
Meetings should be about people, not paperwork. This is the philosophy our highly experienced staff put into practice when facilitating events, panels, groups, and forums. We are currently acting as the secretariat for the West Midland Police’s Trust and Confidence Group, providing an innovative chairing approach that ensures the diversity of voices around the table feel welcome and are able to contribute. We have also chaired panels and events for organisations ranging from Child in Need to the Equality and Diversity Forum.

Knitting people together
Public services are increasingly being asked to work collaboratively with colleagues from different disciplines and specialities. brap have facilitated inter-agency working in the fields of education and health on many occasions in the past, providing a framework in which practitioners are able to devise a common understanding of key development priorities and develop a shared vision for equality, diversity, and human rights.

Disrupting the norm
Creating a space in which colleagues feel comfortable challenging themselves and others, our facilitators can work with your staff to collectively explore how teams can improve outcomes. Requiring open and honest analysis of key data, internal dynamics, and existing systems and processes, when this service was provided to the NHS Sheffield we brought in a specialist ‘outsider’ to provide challenge, debate, and a fresh perspective.