Making sense of noise

How do you get a more informed opinion about your services? How do you ensure that all your efforts around consultation actually lead to improved outcomes?

brap have worked with a number of organisations to facilitate consultation with diverse communities (through focus groups, interviews, and online surveys, for example).

Where we’re at our best, though, is identifying those things that matter. This isn’t only about finding out what’s important to your locality and its population. It’s about analysing that information to understand the barriers stopping your organisation attaining the outcomes that matter to the people you serve.

Recently, we’ve worked with organisations to:

  • produce models of engagement that help organisations fulfil their statutory obligations to consult and involve
  • produce guidance that shows how requirements around engagement, voice, and influence fit with existing strategies, priorities, and requirements
  • identify new technologies and progressive networking practices that can increase involvement
  • design systems that facilitate the transfer of community-based knowledge into practical actions for staff