Network architecture

Since its creation 12 years ago, brap has housed a number of networks.

The networks have been wide-ranging and far-reaching. Some networks – such as the Black Women’s Network and the Birmingham Voluntary Youth Sector Network – put organisations working with marginalised groups in touch with each to other.

Other networks – such as Xnet and the Diversity Practitioners Network – allow individuals committed to promoting equality to share ideas, information, and best practice.

Currently, brap is using its experience in promoting networks to improve people’s access to employment and enterprise opportunities. Through a series of enterprise ‘hubs’ we are putting people with experience of developing social businesses in touch with aspiring entrepreneurs.

brap has also set up and run a network for black and minority ethnic charities and social businesses. Called the Collective, the network currently has over 750 members.

We can help you:

  • establish and sustain networks
  • facilitate access to information and support through the establishment of groups and networks
  • use networks to develop campaigns and movements
  • share ideas within and across organisations through different knowledge transfer methods
  • train staff on the principles behind successful networks