Mapping and scoping surveys

brap have been commissioned to undertake mapping and scoping surveys on a variety of different topics for a range of different organisations.

Age UK
Engaging with over 300 people, brap mapped engagement initiatives used by public and community sector organisations to involve older black and minority ethnic (BME) people in decision making. The findings were used to develop practical recommendations on how engagement could be developed to become more inclusive.

Finance Hub
Conducting interviews with nearly 80 local authorities in England, brap identified the extent to which funding patterns for voluntary and community organisations have changed over the last few years. The final report consolidated commissioning best practice from across the country.

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Engaging with over 70 organisations (including interfaith networks, community organisations, and public agencies), brap mapped methods for consulting with faith-related organisations across the country. In particular, the research highlighted where gaps exist, both geographically and in terms of engaging humanist or secular organisations.