Leadership training

What would you do if...

  • a large proportion of your staff all shared the same religion and all asked for the same day off, leaving you understaffed?
  • you thought one of your employees was being bullied but you weren’t sure?
  • you were asked to identify the top three equalities priorities for your organisation to meet the requirements of the Equality Act?

Leading Equality Design and Action will help you meet these challenges and more.

Over 230 people have already benefitted from the coaching and support it offers around equality and management issues.

  • over 70% of managers in the public sector are unsure of what the Equality Act means for their organisation – LEDA ensures you’re not one of them
  • employers paid out almost £8m in discrimination compensation during 2009 – LEDA will help ensure you’re taking steps to create a fair and welcoming workplace
  • about 25% of employees don’t trust their leaders to make the right decisions in times of uncertainty – LEDA will help you become a leader people want to follow

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