Hear from Lifeline mentors

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Here's your chance to meet some of our business mentors...

Have a look at these videos of some of our mentors talking about why they got involved with the project and what it's like to be a mentor:





We spoke to one of our newer mentors about the project. You can read the interview here.

Download: icon Rahela_Q&A (547.51 kB)


We spoke to Shabraz Ahmed about Lifeline and why he became a mentor. You can read the interview here.

Download: icon Shabraz_Q&A (426.09 kB)


We sat down with Kadian Pow to talk business, ambitions and lessons learnt. You can read the interview here.

Download: icon KadianPow_Q&A (484.98 kB)

You can also see photos from our 'Meet the Mentor' event below; mentors and mentees met and discussed ideas and then we matched our young aspiring entrepreneurs with one of the business mentors they'd met.

Lifeline 'Meet the Mentor', 19th July 2014