What the brap?

'What the brap?' is a series setting out the background to key issues and debates. They don't tell you everything, and they don't tell you what we think - you can read that elsewhere - but they will get up to speed on what the brap everyone is talking about, so that you can join in the conversation.

The Trojan Horse Affair

The Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse Affair’ raises a number of questions, where do we stand on cultural or religious practices that treat women, disabled, or homosexual people unequally? Where do we stand on the rights of children to define what happens to them in school? And what constitutes the inappropriate promotion of religion in schools? But the question we get asked most often is what the brap actually happened? This short summary won’t discuss the ins and outs of the role of religion in public life, or go into great detail about the equality issues arising from the Trojan Horse Affair – we’ve discussed those issues elsewhere – what it will do is give you a brief overview of what happened so you can join in the conversation.


Download: icon What the brap_TrojanHorse (283.72 kB)


Every year 18 December marks International Migrants Day - a time to remember the contributions and rights of migrants worldwide. But, around this time we also think about all the terminology around migration - what does it all mean? Well, since we're so nice, we've put something together for you defining the key terms. It doesn't cover every word you might encounter when talking about migration, it's just a brief introduction to get you started.


Download: icon What the brap_Migration (257.23 kB) 

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act came into force in October 2010, which means in October 2015 it turned five years old. As we marked this anniversary we were thinking about times when we’ve been asked, what does the Equality Act actually cover? Well, since we’re pretty familiar with the Act we thought we’d put together something that explains the key terms. You’ll find plenty of more in-depth legal guidance on the Act, this is just a short starter to get you up to speed on the subject.


Download: icon What the brap_EqualityAct (289.16 kB)

Equal Pay

In 2015, David Cameron vowed to eliminate the gender pay gap “within a generation”. To meet this ambition, he announced plans to require companies with more than 250 employees to publish the gap between average female and male earnings. But while the Prime Minister claimed these changes “will cast sunlight on discrepancies…driving women’s wages up”, others disagreed.

If you’ve tried following the debate, you’ll know it can be a maze of unfamiliar terms. What does ‘equal pay’ mean exactly? What’s a material defence? And what are equality of terms when they’re at home? Well, since we know a little bit about equal pay we thought we would put together something that explains the key terms and issues within this debate. It’s just a short starter on the subject: if you have more in-depth queries feel free to drop us a line.


Download: icon What the brap_EqualPay (344.74 kB)

The Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act is the news a lot now – sadly not for the right reasons. There are some great explanations which tell people why the Human Rights Act is so great, but a lot of the conversation at the moment assumes a certain amount of knowledge. We’ve been asked a lot of questions about this by a lot of concerned people, so we thought we'd put together something which sets out the background to the debate. It doesn’t tell you what we think – you can read that here – but it will get you up to speed on things so you can join in the conversation.


Download: icon What the brap_HRA (440.54 kB)