What is unconscious bias?

To celebrate the launch of NHS England’s new guide on how to create diverse boards (which we were privileged to author) we’re publishing a series of posts on how to make diversity part of the fabric of your organisation. All these posts are modified versions of what’s in the guide, so if you want more info make sure you download it (it’s free!). In our first post, we asked why team diversity is important and came up with some (hopefully) surprising answers. We then looked at what ‘diversity’ actually means (and why it might not be what you think). In the next few posts, we want to look at unconscious bias and what this means for you and your organisation. This is a big topic so we’ve split i

Intro to unconscious bias training

‘Businesses with a healthy balance of men and women are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors, while those with employees from a good mix of ethnic backgrounds are 35% more likely, claims research by McKinsey & Co.’ Equality and inclusion is big news for businesses and organisations serious about quality, good performance and success. Over the last decade brap, an industry leader in equality and human rights practice, has helped hundreds of organisations and 1000s of people explore and develop their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion. Increasing people’s awareness and understanding of unconscious bias is one of the tools that we use to do this. Understanding more ab

A crying shame (or why it's ok to cry in public)

Have you ever been on a training course that's packed an emotional punch? Do you dread having to talk about yourself in public? In this blog post NHS employee Lucy Thatcher shares her experience of being on a training session run by brap - and how she dealt with some of the emotional issues it raised. Stepping Up We are our own worst enemies. Someone said that to me a week ago, whilst I was crying in front of roughly 40 people, whom I had only known for two days. I have carried that phrase around with me for the past week, whilst considering just how much of an enemy I had been to myself recently. I know my own weaknesses and I am familiar with my insecurities and because of how obvious they


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