Is race really back on the agenda?

Whether it's Black Lives Matter, decolonising curricula, or shouting down the EDL, it appears that race is back on the agenda. But have we learnt the lessons from the last 20 years of equalities campaigning? brap CEO Joy Warmington asks the difficult questions... brap have our roots in the race equality moment. Formed in 1999 our origins date back to the invention of race equality councils and the role they played in supporting communication between the Black and minority ethnic community (BME) and public organisations. Back then, there was lots of discussion about how to close ‘race’ equality gaps, and Birmingham was concerned about its future as a city – especially its ability to address c

Working at brap

We occasionally get asked by potential volunteers what it's like working here. So we've asked Claire, our newest member of staff, to tell us all about her first year at brap. We hope it's good... After I finished my degree I had high hopes and aspirations about what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to affect change in a positive way, help solve social injustice, and create a better, more equal society. However, I struggled to find an organisation where I could channel my passion for this - that is, until I came across brap. Wow, does it do just that and more! Since starting at brap I have been able to get involved in an array of projects which tackle inequality in both the public and pri

Dissent, dialogue, and democracy

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been trialling new ways of having conversations that allow people to express – and hear – views that are a little outside the mainstream. The kind of thing that in the past we’ve labelled ‘xenophobic’ or ‘outdated’. Why? Well, after the Brexit vote we talked to people about their reasons for voting to leave. While there were many reasons people didn’t want to stay in the EU, it is now unequivocally clear that people’s feelings about immigration and integration played a significant part in their choice to leave. Could better and more open dialogue have changed the outcome? Typically voices that spoke of their concern around immigration, integration and our chang


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