Let's talk about race

What’s the role of civil society organisations in furthering race equality? This is an opportunity to contribute to Civil Society Futures, a two-year inquiry into the future of civil society which is due to complete in November this year. The event will examine and debate information gathered from a range of civil society organisations on the issue of race inequality. This event is intended to be a participative ‘deep dive’ into some of the reasons why civil society organisations haven't always been forthcoming in addressing race inequality. We'll reflect on our own responses as individuals, as leaders, and as part of the civil society movement. Who should attend If you are interested in the

Principles for a Good Society

The last few years have seen an explosion of new ideas on how to run society. The guiding principles of old – greed is good, inequality is inevitable, markets can solve everything – have been shaken to their core, as the effects of austerity become more visible and the impact of structural problems (like climate change and discrimination) become harder to ignore. But what should take the place of these principles? A number of organisations have come up with good alternatives. For example, this project by NEON, NEF, and others asks how we can shift to a new economic system, while this Compass report explores solutions to socioeconomic insecurity that are shared across the political divide. An


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