There’s a growing realization that gender equality has slipped down the agenda. Many women still face a life where their choices, ambitions, and opportunities are constrained by expectations of gender roles.


Why? What do we need to do to further gender equality? Are there things that we have been doing that haven’t made a difference? At a local level, what can we do differently (or more of) to make progress in this area?


To answer these questions, we want a conversation about what feminism means to you.


Over the next few months, we'll be speaking to people of different ages, beliefs, sexual orientations, and ethnicities about what they think the priorities should be for the women's movement. We'll talk about how and why women are marginalised in the workplace, whether the feminist movement excludes certain women, what tactics we should use to win over the most people - in fact anything you would like to discuss about women's equality and how we can achieve it.


To get started, have a look through at some of the conversations we've already had. Then tell us what you think by contacting us here.


To kick off the debate, we held a meeting of women drawn from the worlds of business, social enterprise, and political and community activism. The session was held in 2016 at Birmingham's newly opened Women's Hub and hosted by the Amirah Foundation.


Read the whole of 'Revisiting the Gender Agenda': download


We took the conversation to women of faith to ask some pretty big questions: what role do women find themselves having within different faiths? Does the practice of faith promote equity between men and women?  What are the pros and cons of being a woman of faith? You can read a snaphot of their views here. 


Read the whole of 'Women and Faith': download


Here's a selection of the comments from the debate so far, raw and unedited. Disagree with something? Let us know.


infographic showing  progress on gender inequality

Why are we having this conversation at all? Well, as the infographic below hopefully points out, women are still disadvantaged in many areas of life. As part of this discussion, we want to hear your views of how gender inequality is compounded by other issues, such as class, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Drop us a line here.


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