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The Academy: In Black and Whiteness

We're pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for PhD students: a three-part course called 'The Academy: In Black and Whiteness’.

Funded by Midlands4Cities, this course will engage with the learning and insight needed to interrogate and deconstruct whiteness in the academy. It responds to calls from both students and wider society to take an anti-colonial approach to the education system, curriculum and institutions.

This course will walk towards difficult conversations that we usually avoid as knowing how to have these discussions is important if we really want change. In doing so we can work on the global challenge of eliminating racism and centring anti-racist practice. The course will also question the goal and meaning of allyship.

Please note this course is intended for PhD researchers.

There are still places left, please register for one group via the booking link below. The course is free to attend.

Workshop Dates

Group A: 1-3 June 2021

Group B: 8-10 June 2021

The extended deadline for registration is 28 May 2021.

Group A

Part 1 - 1 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Part 2 - 2 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Part 3 - 3 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Booking link for Group A here.

Group B

Part 1 - 8 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Part 2 - 9 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Part 3 - 10 June 2021 (13:00- 16:00)

Booking link for Group B here.

Please note:

- The link to the zoom sessions will be send out via email.

- The impact of the COVID19 pandemic means that these sessions will be delivered online using zoom as interactive webinars.


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