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This project has now finished.


Lifeline was a project training and supporting 16 to 25 year olds who wanted to set up their own online business. 

Lifeline was for people who had a great business idea and just needed the skills and support to make it happen. It was for ebay traders, budding entrepreneurs, and those just wanting to test the waters. 


Online businesses are the fastest growing type of business and it’s easy to see why – they’re quick to set up and have low start-up costs. In fact, we gave people the skills to be an online entrepreneur in under six months. We provided:

  • a knowledge-packed course. The ABCs of setting up an online business

  • mentoring and confidence-building support

  • access to web-designers

Lifeliners are superheroes! Want proof? Here you go...
Lifeline Mentors

Here's what some of our mentors thought about Lifeline. 

Interview with Hanna Lee Tidd from Tiger Bam Communications

Hanna is the managing director of Tiger Bam Communications, a creative PR agency based in Birmingham. Tiger Bam work with young entrepreneurs on Lifeline to help them design and build their website. We talked to Hanna about the project and her top tips for young entrepreneurs.

“I get as much out of it as I put in” – a Lifeline mentor speaks out

Here, one of our fantastic Lifeline mentors talks about why he got involved with the project and what it's like to be a mentor. 

Interview with Siobhan Harper-Nunes

Siobhan is a business woman and trainer on Lifeline. We talked to her about the project and her top tips for young entrepreneurs.

The final businesses...

Here's some of the great businesses Lifeliners set up.

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