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You’re alone, treading unchartered territory, battling a hostile environment (or ‘colleagues’, as you’re supposed to call them), trying to find solutions to problems people have never encountered before.

And chances are you wear many hats – trouble shooter, action planner, problem solver, report writer, community engager: every job that comes along…


Wouldn’t it be great to be part of something bigger? A community of practitioners pooling their resources. A partnership with people who share your values.

Welcome to the Equality Republic…

The Equality Republic is a partnership of people who work on equalities issues. We’re united by two ideas:

  • Ok is not ok. We work on life-changing issues and we want to get it right.

  • we have an aspiration to do more than just comply with regulations. We want to make impact


The Equality Republic is a response to three problems.

  • we’re not connected. There are thousands of people working on equalities issues, but too often we don’t get the chance to learn from each other. The Equality Republic is an opportunity to pool our learning and create an evidence base of what works.

  • we’re too quiet. We’re overwhelmed with regulation and legislation governing equality. The problem is that a lot of it just isn’t very good. It measures the wrong thing, focuses our efforts in the wrong area, and just leads to more paperwork. Wouldn’t it be great to change the conversation? To speak to the decision makers with a hundred other practitioners standing by your side?

  • we never get to talk. Too often, brap are called in to support on a particular issue and leave after it’s been resolved. But this way of working stops us developing deeper relationships. The Equality Republic is an invitation to work with us in a different way. Why fix a single problem when you can create a new future?

So here’s the journey we hope you’ll sign up to:

  • learn from others working in your sector and beyond.

  • test out new ideas. Measure new things.

  • make some noise about what our community is learning. Let’s rip up the standards and create new practice that has social justice at its heart




Equality can be a lonely business. As part of the Equality Republic you’ll get the chance to meet with others working on similar issues. You can share ideas, tell horror stories (we’ve got loads), and have a laugh. Leave feeling reinvigorated for the journey ahead.


Get free invites to brap’s latest events, training sessions, and seminars. Whether you’re looking for a taster or want to master a new skill, this is a great way to learn new ideas.


As well as being sent our hot off the press publications and resources, being a member of the Equality Republic means we are only ever a phone call away. If you’re after some advice or want to bounce some ideas around, we’re here for a chat.


Magnify your efforts. Combine with other people working on the same agenda and change the system. Let’s make some noise.

Becoming a citizen of the Equality Republic is free. But there are entry requirements. You have to be…




Membership is open to everyone who works on equality, inclusion, and diversity. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO, an HR professional, or a full-time EDI practitioner. You can join as an individual or someone attached to a particular organisation.


Are you trying to promote equality and inclusion even though it’s got nothing to do with your job description? The Equality Republic is for you, too.


Membership will require a day or so of your time a year to engage with your partners (plus any time you want to spend attending events). Our role will be to collect and collate all that partners are learning about what works and making some noise about this. We’ll be looking for some members to help us do this, but we can discuss that later…


Drop us a line to request an application form.

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