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This project has now finished.


brap offers a free, confidential support service for anyone who has been the victim of a hate crime because of their race, religion, or belief.


We offer practical and emotional support. This means we can help you:

  • understand whether or not you've been the victim of a hate crime

  • choose the best place to report the incident (if you want to)

  • deal with any practical issues arising from the incident

We're also here if you'd just like to get something off your chest or chat to someone over a cup of tea.

What is a hate crime?

If you're wondering whether or not you've been the victim of a hate crime, feel free to contact us for a chat. Alternatively, there's a great explanation of what hate crime is on Citizens Advice's website here. This video from Facing Facts! is also pretty informative.

What happens if you report a hate crime?

People are often asking us what happens if they report an incident, so we've put together this little guide (based on info from the brilliant people at Victim Support).

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