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Activate: an anti-racism leadership course

Updated: Apr 3

Activate is a ground-breaking leadership development programme and collaboration between brap and The King’s Fund open to anyone working in a management or leadership role in health and care.

Through a combination of workshops and learning sets facilitated by a mixed faculty of brap and The King’s Fund facilitators, you will explore how you can see differently, respond differently and lead differently when it comes to anti-racism.

What will I learn on the Activate programme? 

During the Activate programme you'll work with facilitators from The King’s Fund and brap to:

  • understand race, racism and racialised thinking

  • raise awareness of the role of whiteness in upholding racial hierarchies

  • navigate the tensions inherent in racial justice work

  • recognise how the status quo reproduces itself

  • understand the impacts of racism in health and care

Our anti-racism leadership development programme is supported by a handbook that presents the key, foundational ideas and concepts at the heart of the programme with journalling prompts and recommendations for further reading and watching.


1. Seeing differently: Understanding race, racism and racialised thinking.

  • Raising awareness of the construct and role of whiteness in upholding racial hierarchies.

  • Understanding racism as a system of oppression.

  • Understanding anti-racism and how it differs from other approaches to race equity.

2. Respond differently: Understanding racism as a ‘wicked’ problem in health and care.

  • Recognising how the status quo reproduces itself.

  • Exploring anti-racist thinking and action.

  • Making change in complex systems.

3. Lead differently: Understanding anti-racism as an embodied leadership practice

  • Strategies for recognising and managing resistance.

  • Navigating the tensions inherent in racial justice work.

  • Embodying anti-racism in your leadership

More info

  • London, September 2024

  • £2,500 +VAT

  • Three modules - five sessions over three-four months


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