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'The best thing I have done for myself': the power of anti-racism development

In 2023, a group of NHS professionals participated in the HPMA Anti-racist Leadership programme, delivered by brap. Here are some of their reflections.

In this first video, participants talk about:

  • the difference between being non-racist and anti-racist

  • how the course ignited a fire to work with others

Jump to 2min 34sec in if you want to hear the one bit of learning participants want to share with others.

We love this second video because participants talk about how beneficial the programme was for themselves, as individuals. People often think they should go on equality and anti-racism courses to learn how to treat other people better. And while this is true, it often means we overlook the personal benefits of anti-racist development - how it can connect us to our own humanity and help us understand how we have been shaped by forces outside our control.

If you would like to learn more about our anti-racism development go to:


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