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This project has now finished.


Only 11% of apprenticeships go to Black and minority ethnic (BME) young people. Trade Up aimed to change that. The project:

  • increased the number of BME young people who took apprenticeships

  • increased the number of BME businesses that offer apprenticeships


16-24 year olds
Wondering if an apprenticeship is right for you? Well, you can do an apprenticeship in anything from hairdressing to events management to accountancy. And the benefits are endless (well, maybe not endless but there are still quite a lot).

We've got a list of all the apprenticeship vacancies in Birmingham, so why not give us a call and see if we’ve got something right for you? Text TRADE to  80800, email us here or give us a ring. We’re also out and about, so if you prefer rock up and say hello. This is a list of places we’ll be (or have been):


If you’re a business, have you thought about offering an apprenticeship place? You’ve probably already heard how great apprentices are, but if not have a look at this. And did you know...

  • you could receive up to £1500 to support the wage cost of your apprentice?

  • Birmingham-based apprenticeship opportunities attract and extra £1500 (which could mean £3000 to help you pay and support your apprenticeships)?

  • you can get up to 100% to support the cost of their accredited training?


So whether you’re a private business, a social enterprise, or something in between give us a call to find out how you can make the most of the talent the city has to offer.

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