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Too scared to ask?

Society's growing diversity can be something to celebrate. But it's also an issue of growing concern.

We're inviting you to participate in an event with a bit of a difference. It's an event where we can all raise our views about the diversity agenda - and hopefully feel able to be honest about what we might think and feel us all to be more honest about what we might think and feel.

Often, we think we have no choice other than to agree with the positives of diversity. This can leave some of us with nagging concerns or questions which remain unanswered. Questions like:

  • Are we at risk of losing our values?

  • Was Brexit largely driven by fear of immigrants?

  • Are some groups getting more out of society than they’re putting in?

Rather than simply rebutting statements we don’t agree with, we want to give space for all views to be heard, explored, and appreciated.

This will be a challenging but rewarding event – one where we can really begin to get an understanding of some of the issues which might get in the way of us connecting on diversity. It is important that we don’t ignore the views that we don’t agree with.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of their background or identity. Places are free but must be booked in advance.

This event is being organised in partnership with the Amirah Foundation ( and the Muslim Women's Network (

Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm

Date: Wed 15 Feb 2017

Venue: Impact Hub Birmingham, 58 Oxford Street, Birmingham B5 5NY

Click here to book your place.


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