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Working at brap

We occasionally get asked by potential volunteers what it's like working here. So we've asked Claire, our newest member of staff, to tell us all about her first year at brap. We hope it's good...

After I finished my degree I had high hopes and aspirations about what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to affect change in a positive way, help solve social injustice, and create a better, more equal society. However, I struggled to find an organisation where I could channel my passion for this - that is, until I came across brap. Wow, does it do just that and more!

Since starting at brap I have been able to get involved in an array of projects which tackle inequality in both the public and private sphere. From conducting focus groups that seek to explore women’s equality within faith institutions, to exploring how best to achieve Black and minority ethnic (BME) equality in public sector organisations, I have been given an array of opportunities to really get involved in all that brap does. But brap hasn’t just enabled me to conduct research into the issues it has also provided me with the chance to attend meetings and workshops that seek to devise solutions to these contemporary and pressing issues. For example, I recently attended the Cabinet Office’s Race Disparity Audit meeting in Birmingham, where I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Audit and the usability of its subsequent facts and figures website.

So, from the outset brap has been everything I have hoped for in an employer and more, and it really wouldn’t be the same without the colleagues I have worked with. Being able to have thought-provoking conversations about contemporary issues, theorise potential methods of change, and discuss alternative ways of thinking with people who really care about your development and future has been invaluable. It has truly made my experience at brap great. So, brap has not only shown me what the fight for equality is truly about, but has helped me grow and develop, for which I am so thankful.

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