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Furthering community conversations: a course

In 2017 brap launched a new project called ‘Pushing the Boundaries’. The project came out of a series of discussions following the EU referendum. While there were many reasons for people voting to leave the EU, it is now unequivocally clear that people’s feelings about immigration and integration played a significant part in their choice to leave.

Could better and more open dialogue have changed the outcome?

Typically, voices that spoke of their concern around immigration, integration and our changing communities were silenced. Too racist, too extreme, offensive, outdated – while the reasons for excluding those voices are varied, the outcome was pretty much the same: we had a whole group of people who were unable or willing to share and explore the things that mattered most to them.

Another way?

What if we had created safe and shared spaces where all voices – even those that appear in opposition to our values – could have been heard? Might our integration discussions look and feel different?

At brap we believe that, while we all have a shared responsibility for what does (and doesn’t) happen in our communities, those with a professional or personal role in facilitating community conversation have an added responsibility. We also believe that in order to have better, more open and progressive conversations, we are going to need more open, reflective and skilled facilitation.

More learning

We have devised three consecutive sessions that will begin to create opportunities for new practice and to extend facilitation skills in the area of process work. These sessions will:

  • introduce the principles of process work, and in particular how you use the approach to work with diversity and conflict

  • give practitioners the opportunity to try out and develop some of the skills involved in facilitating courageous conversations

  • provide a support network of practitioners who want to challenge their thinking and practice on how they can make a sustainable difference in our society

What you'll get out of it

We hope that in addition to understanding more about how to democratise spaces, you will recognise the application of process work skills as part of your practice.

Does it work?

An independent evaluation of Pushing the Boundaries found that process work helped:

  • 83% of participants hear more about other people’s feelings on issues like migration

  • 84% of participants feel listened to and supported

  • 90% of participants get a better sense of where other people are coming from in relation to migration and cohesion

  • 71% of participants say things they wouldn’t normally be able to say

When are the sessions?

Session 1: Tuesday 27th November 2018, 4pm – 7pm

Session 2: Thursday 17th January 2019, 4pm – 7pm

Session 3: Monday 11th February 2019, 4pm – 7pm

All sessions will take place at Glasshouse Room, The Village Moseley, 179 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JR. Please ensure you’re available for all three of the above consecutive sessions to take full advantage of the learning.

Registration and more information

To register for this programme it is important that we book a conversation with you to understand how your practice can be supported by this work. To book a short telephone call and to register for the programme, please contact Rahela Hussain, either by email ( or phone (0121 272 8450).

The course cost is £99, which is for all three sessions. Some bursaries are available; we can discuss this when you’re booking if you are interested.

Please note places are limited.

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