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Anti-racist bootcamp is back!

Our popular anti-racism bootcamp is back!

What’s the boot camp all about?

We are creating a majority Black space, into which white participants will be welcomed but where they will not be centred. Together we will explore how to use our power to resist and disrupt systemic racism.

This will be an actively anti-racist place for learning and replenishing where we can be alive to the dynamics of racism in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the systems where we work, in service of racial justice.

Who is the boot camp for?

It’s not for beginners. It’s designed for activists, facilitators and practitioners already active in anti-racist space. It’s for you if you’re…

  • ready to step into a space that is brave rather than comfortable

  • willing to engage in critical self-reflection

  • prepared to invest in yourself, and in the efficacy of your ‘self as instrument’

  • interested in understanding more about yourself (and not just the good stuff)

  • committed to learning and using your skills for social justice

  • prepared to work with white people if you are Black, and Black people if you are white


For everyone to benefit from, and contribute to, the learning of the group requires a certain level of prior knowledge and experience. This means we expect you to be designing to delivering racial equity interventions on a regular basis, as a facilitator, consultant, trainer, activist, or leader.


If you're unsure whether this is the right programme for you, please get in touch.


As this year’s boot camp will be face to face, there will be opportunities to give and gain direct feedback on your practice as a means to support our continuing ambitions to create the conditions for change. If you have been on a boot camp before, you may find some similar streams of work, but also some differences. So do think carefully before applying of how you may benefit if you’re a graduate of previous camps.

How will this help me?

The work of racial justice requires clear thinking, and emotional strength. It requires courage, persistence and hope. It can be easy to lose your way and even more dangerous to believe that you have a way.

There’s so much to manage - your relationship to the work, to the people you work with, and most important, your relationship with yourself. Knowing who you are in this work is crucial because how you show up as a human being matters - the most powerful anti-racist instrument any of us has is ourselves.

This boot camp offers a three-day retreat into yourself, to reconnect to your purpose and sharpen your practice.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what past years' participants said:

“Thank you for the space you created. It was challenging, connecting, uncomfortable, it felt safe to get it wrong. I appreciate brap’s ability to be uncompromising and also deeply caring - thank you.”

“Given me lots to continue working on personally and to enhance my practice and recognise, embrace and use my power.”

“This has reconfirmed what and how I need to show up to do the work. I feel so grateful to have met such a wonderful, dedicated community all here to make change in their areas of work.”

“It was brave and courageous, and wonderfully facilitated and held. Replenishing, challenging, enlightening and soul nourishing... I am even more up for the fight than i have ever been... thank you all for all the hard work and wonderful support and provocation.”

Join us in this learning space if you want to:
  • find a community of like-minded souls committed to moving beyond the ‘tried and found wanting’ methods that centred whiteness and white comfort;

  • challenge and strengthen your analysis and hone your intersectional anti-racist practice;

  • refresh your purpose and find intellectual, emotional and spiritual sustenance;

  • take stock of your relationship to your own racialised identity – what might you want to let go of, embrace, or expand, to be better-resourced internally?

  • enjoy laughter, learning and truth telling with people who are passionate about human liberation and racial justice.


We feel strongly that anti-racism work matters and should be valued, so we have set the participation fee at £495.


At the same time, our wish is to make this work available to people who will benefit and take it back to the wider world in the interest of racial justice. So we offer an early bird rate of £350 (until the end of January 2024) and a number of bursaries for those with limited means.


For more information or to book your place click here.



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