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Anti-racist learning, thinking, and practice

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We are living through unprecedented times. Times which not only require us to think differently about how we live together and survive this pandemic, but also times which have forced countries and institutions to think critically about the role they play in anti-racist practice. In relation to anti-racist practice we have, of course, been here before. But perhaps this time there is a perfect storm – bringing together sadness and horror, with a glimmer of hope, in a way that might provide lasting opportunity and benefit for all.

brap have had an established programme of anti-racist practice since our inception. Racism has always been on our agenda, but we have frequently had to ‘push’ for this to be recognised as a need. We find ourselves now in the reverse position, with many people contacting us to explore how they get closer to developing anti-racist practice within their work. We have a number of programmes which can support your aspirations in this area, as you can see…


Understanding why ‘race’ is so challenging to discuss, exploring the centrality of our positions and how this impacts our understanding of racism, and also addressing terminology issues


This is a three-session more in-depth course which is designed to help participants understand more about what prevents them from engaging in ‘race’ equality. The sessions cover: a) recognising that we are on the ‘edge’ (not fully committed) and understanding the belief systems that keep us there; b) developing strategies of understanding and action that help participants commit to anti-racist practice; and c) thinking about what this commitment means in practice and the ‘type’ of ally that you want to become WORKING THROUGH WHITENESS

Designed to help you understand more about how the world of whiteness is present in your organisation. The content covers: understanding more about how the day-to-day ‘normal’ is experienced by racialised marginalised groups and becoming more reflective about the learning and action that you need to take to move towards anti-discriminatory practice. This is a series of sessions.


Not that we truly believe that racism is unconscious, but we know that many people don’t understand what racism really is and how they contribute to it. This session explores the role of unconscious and conscious bias and the impact that this has on the world. At the end of the session, participants are more aware of their biases and are able to think through strategies to help keep them in check. (This is usually delivered over one day or as two half-day sessions)


brap are skilled in a method called ‘process work’ – it is an approach to working with conflict and democratising participation. It is helpful as a means for people to explore conflict within themselves and also with others. It usefully helps people to voice their concerns and recognise the beliefs that can inhibit their participation in challenging conversations. As it is an unusual and ‘active’ method, it can helpfully engage people in subjects that can be ‘off limit’ and is especially useful for young people LEADING FOR CHANGE

We offer a coaching programme that helpfully supports individuals in their leadership of race equality – especially if they need to update their skills and knowledge in this area. It can be an uncomfortable programme as it disrupts the ways of thinking and doing that maintain racism. Especially useful for those in leadership positions who want to understand more about themselves


brap design and run a range of positive action programmes, designed primarily to offer support to individuals who are marginalised within mainstream settings. These programmes are not remedial. They are designed to offer much needed survival strategies and space, to those who are daily ‘othered’ or marginalised


We have helped students understand more about their rights and entitlements within the education setting and also supported their understanding of racism.

For more information, and to see our full range of support, download our AntiRacismLearningBrochure.

brap AntiRacismLearningAndDevelopment
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