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ConnectED: The SAFE project

We are seeking educators who are passionate about children and their schooling.

Are you concerned with how behaviour is managed in school and share our belief

that we can, and need to, approach this differently today? If so, then we invite you to

contribute your expertise to development of CPD resources that enhance the skills,

understanding and approach to behaviour management of teachers and others in

school. Our focus is on Black and other racialised children whose experience of

education is often more difficult than it should be.

Exclusion data indicates that Black Caribbean and Gypsy, Roma or Traveller children are

nearly three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than their White

British peers.[1]

Data also highlights disparities in suspension and managed moves. This underscores the

urgent need for interventions to ensure all children have equitable school experiences.

Clearly, something different needs to happen. So… we are reaching out to educators who

want to review and reposition their practice and to consider what more can be done to

manage difficult behaviour and support positive relationships with Black and other

racialised children.

In addition, we welcome input from students and their parents as they play a vital role in

shaping the learning environment and dealing with school issues.

Once complete the CPD resources will be shared with schools.

To find out more about how to get involved please drop us a line.


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