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Equity Unpacked

Leadership development that reimagines ED+I


Equity Unpacked is a groundbreaking programme aimed at leaders of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED+I).


Recognising that this is one of the most challenging agendas in which to make clear and sustained progress, this programme will help you shift the dial on workplace inequity.


How do you feel trying to lead ED+I? Under-resourced? Subject to the dynamics of oppression and resistance? Constrained by the very structures you want to transform? These are all things that can stop you being the leader of systems change you want to be.


Equity Unpacked is a unique six-month programme that will help you develop the skills and strategies to navigate this hugely challenging landscape, and the confidence and creativity to deliver ED+I work with real impact.


Equity Unpacked will also connect you with other people in similar roles. We know working on ED+I can be isolating: this is your chance to reinvigorate your passion for equality with like-minded people. Stop feeling like a cog; start feeling part of a movement for change.

How does it work?

Equity Unpacked is built on three foundations:


Level 1: systems context

  • how your system will get you to fail

  • the many faces of resistance, including recognising systemic inequality and working beyond its boundaries


Level 2: dynamic strategies

  • how you can be more than just the law: applying imagination and insight to the politics and polarities of ED+I work

  • systems thinking and the art of disruption


Level 3: use of self

  • articulating your purpose and modelling authenticity

  • embodied leadership and influence


Equity Unpacked consists of six face-to-face workshops in London. These sessions include taught elements, discussion, and skills practice.



What can Equity Unpacked do for me?

Equity Unpacked is based on insights from brap’s leadership programmes. These courses have been life changing. Hear people’s experiences:


What will I learn?


  1. An increased awareness of systems dynamics as they relate to oppression and resistance, and what this means for ED+I work and how professionals are positioned.

  2. An increased self-awareness of the presence of these dynamics in oneself and how they show-up in your ED+I work.

  3. An understanding of strategies that can help navigate these systemic dynamics effectively, and ensure you and your work maintains its integrity.

  4. An understanding of leadership as an embodied practice, and of self as an instrument of systems change.

  5. An increased confidence in - and ability to - articulate your leadership purpose in ED+I, remain congruent with your values, and model authenticity.


More info
  • you will need to commit one day a month from February to July 2025

  • sessions will be in London

  • cost: only £1,000 for early birds (£1,500 after that)



To book your place

To book your place, fill in this form.


If you have any questions, drop us a line.


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