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Going nowhere fast?

Updated: Feb 9


An invitation to participate in research



Today more than half of Birmingham’s population are from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic backgrounds. Yet racial inequality persists in many aspects of residents’ lives – from unemployment to housing, from education to stop-and-search by police. These patterns of racial inequality have changed little over decades.

Between May to July 2023, brap worked with a small group of young people to help them undertake community research and explore racism and how it operates in the city. The aim of this work was to deepen our understanding of why long-term patterns of racial inequality continue for so many in our city. We also provided young people with an opportunity to develop research skills and to explore and find out more about issues of ‘race’ and racism in Birmingham.

Next stage of the project: an invitation….

We now have an opportunity to work with two new groups of young people (between February and March 2024). brap can offer support and training for young people who would like to participate. This will involve a learning session (in person, in Birmingham) where participants will have a chance to learn more about ‘race’ and racism and how to gather and interpret different types of information about racial inequality in Birmingham. We will also work with the group to support them to conduct interviews and reflect on what this is telling us/how we can make a difference in the city on these issues in the future.

What are the details?

We are currently recruiting 15 young adults (16-25) as community researchers. Participation will involve:

  • Attending a community research training session hosted by brap – with opportunities to learn more about ‘race’ and racism and how to gather and interpret different types of information about racial inequality in Birmingham (Monday 26 February 2024).

  • Participating in an interview about your own experiences and conducting an interview (with support) with a parent/guardian/relative/other trusted adult.

  • Attending a group meeting to discuss what you and other participants have found and what it is telling us needs to change in the city/what we’d like to do about it.

  • Option to participate in subsequent meetings with policy-makers and other decision-makers in the city to discuss what you have found.

  • Paying expenses to help young people participate.

Getting involved - who do I contact?

If you would like more information please contact us here.


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