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If your face fits...

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We're really excited to announce the launch of our latest toolkit - 'If Your Face Fits'.

This practitioner guide will help you steer recruitment and career development practice by quickly identifying common pitfalls and what could be done by way of improvement.

'If Your Face Fits' makes reference to a larger body of work, 'No More Tick Boxes', in which our friend and colleague Roger Kline has pulled together a compendium of useful evidence to support more effective and equitable recruitment practice. The documents work well together and are designed to be read together.

Using the experience that we have of working with organisations to directly improve their recruitment practices, we hope this shorter guide will ‘speak’ to the ongoing challenges and poor experiences and encourage more ambitious interventions that in turn will lead to more equitable practices.

'If Your Face Fits' takes you through:

  • creating a job description and advertising the role

  • the interview process

  • the decision making process

  • induction and onboarding

  • how to support and develop people


Download PDF • 1.82MB
Download PDF • 2.06MB



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