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Racism in the NHS: a survey

It can become very tiring to prove, yet again, that racism is an issue. This isn’t to say that it happens to everyone or that it happens all the time – but we know (not only from the data that we meticulously collect but from the reported experiences of staff and patients) that it continues to survive.

There have been a number of high-profile tribunal cases (most notably that of Michelle Cox) which have highlighted how hard people have to battle to be heard and get justice. We believe these experiences to be the tip of the iceberg. This short investigation is not to try and determine whether racism exists is happening – but how it is happening and how the system responds to it.

This investigation is designed to be completed by BME (Black and minoritized ethnic staff). By taking part in this investigation, your information will anonymously be used to:

  • draw a picture of the lived experiences of BME staff in the NHS and

  • signpost what the NHS could (and should) be doing to recognise and address racist/discriminatory experiences

You can complete the survey here.

This investigation is conducted by brap and Roger Kline.

This investigation is not funded by an external party. This is will allow us to work quickly and produce a report which can honestly reflect the state of play.



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