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It’s 2023 and, since the murder of George Floyd, the interest in anti-racism has increased exponentially. Whilst overall we may believe that this is a good thing, there is a huge difference between making a statement that demonstrates your anti-racist intent and working in ways that promote anti-racism and uphold racial justice.

Last year, many people of colour told us how tired they felt, how they were constantly engaged in what felt like a battle, worsened by the fact that many people they were at war with had a stated commitment to equality.

At your request we have created a restorative space ... a space to ‘be’, to rest, to socialise, to ‘let go’ of some of the frustration of day-to-day life and be connected.

If you are Black/brown, or consider yourself someone from the Global Majority, if you describe yourself as BME, or use the term BAME, or don’t like any terms at all … then this space is for you!

We are launching on Wednesday 1 March, 4.30-5.30pm.

Book your place without delay!



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