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White work: supporting white leaders to implement anti-racist practice

Over the last two years, brap has delivered anti-racist learning interventions that have

supported white leaders across sectors to reflect deeply on race, racism, whiteness and their

own role upholding or disrupting systemic racism.

We're pleased to announce we will be offering five facilitated online peer learning sessions for white-presenting leaders who have graduated from any of these programmes.

From allyship to coalition

We help white people get underneath and beyond the tendency to saviourism and develop

the competence and confidence to show up as genuine partners to Black people and people

of colour in dismantling systemic racism. We support personal learning and growth, as a

means of effecting organisational and system change through leaders’ use of self.

The implementation conundrum

But what happens when you return to your day job, full of reforming zeal? In an organisation or system where racialised inequity is engrained, and the urgent repeatedly takes precedence over the important, how can you effect change that is anything more than surface-level? It is easy to be derailed if pushback comes from unexpected quarters (such as colleagues of colour).

We are offering a way for white leaders who have completed any one of brap’s anti-racism programmes to tackle these problems head-on. In small, online peer groups, with highly experienced white facilitators, we will help you to:

  • maintain focus, commitment, and hope in the face of inevitable pushback

  • stay accountable for bringing an anti-racist lens to your leadership

  • continue to deepen and embody your learning, including through sharing practical lessons of successes and failures in implementing anti-racist practice

What does this programme entail?

There will be five facilitated online peer learning sessions for white-presenting leaders who have graduated from any of brap’s anti-racism programmes (e.g. NHS ‘white allies’ programme, coaching programme, brap boot camp, the HPMA anti-racist leadership programme, or those who have received multiple brap interventions in client systems).

Participants will explore anti-racist leadership in practice, such as:

  • dealing with pushback

  • recovering from my mistakes

  • avoiding patterns of racialised inequality in intellectual/emotional labour

  • accountability and measuring ‘progress’

  • use of self

Participants will be invited to bring issues that are current for them in their anti-racist practice at any point in the programme. Each learning group will have between four and eight members, so that every participant can be guaranteed both personal attention and peer learning.

Our ask of you

To support learning sets to build trusting relationships, we ask that you commit to all five dates as part of your application. Please select either Tuesday or Wednesday sessions. It will not be possible to mix and match dates. If you’re interested and want to know more, please contact us.


We envisage the first cohort starting in May 2023 and running to November (missing July and August). Please select either Tuesday or Wednesday and commit to the dates shown below: it’s not possible to mix and match dates between the Tuesday group and the Wednesday group.


The programme will cost £1,800 per participant (with no VAT payable). If this is unaffordable for you or your organisation, please contact us to see what discounts may be available.

More information

For more information download the information pack or drop us a line.

Whitework InformationPack
Download PDF • 462KB



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