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Race disparity audit

We met with Theresa May today to discuss the new Race Disparity Audit.

If you haven't seen it, it's a new website that brings together thousands of equality statistics covering areas like health, education, employment and the criminal justice system:

We told the PM that we thought it good that all this data is in one place - it should certainly help with policy making and will be useful to charities and the voluntary sector.

BUT - we've been here before. This is not the first report of its kind. If it's going to be the last, though, we need more evidenced-based solutions. This means organisations need to ditch what's not working and stop ploughing on with things just for the sake of it.

As we said here organisations have carried on using the same equality approaches for the last 30-odd years. This is despite the fact our modern, globalised society is completely different from the one in which these approaches were developed.

We also said we need to think about attitudinal change. Facts don't change people's beliefs. So we need to need to work out how we can motivate people to act on this data.

We wrote a thread about how we can make challenging conversations about race easier. In the end though, what we need is an equalities strategy (not just a 'race' strategy) which will hold people accountable for change.

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