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Pushback: how the system 'whites' itself

Introducing Pushback: A Zine Unveiling the Dynamics of Resistance and Transformation

In a world standing at the crossroads of progress - where the promise of technological marvels meets the stark reality of global inequity and injustice - here are some ideas and challenges to shed light on a phenomenon that shapes our society: pushback.


Unmasking the Voices of Resistance

Pushback is not just a term: it's a force that ripples through our politics, media, workplaces, and communities. It's the echo of entrenched power holders, determined to shield their status quo and privilege from the winds of change. In the face of progress, it's the snap-back reaction that seeks to silence progressive discourse, sweep uncomfortable truths under the rug, and sideline those who seek to transform the system.

Dive into the pages of Pushback, where we delve deep into the intricacies of this resistance. We peel back the layers to reveal the tactics and tools wielded by those threatened by change. Within these pages, you'll journey through the very essence of pushback – from its subtle, insidious forms to its overt, aggressive manifestations. Discover the unyielding power of collective action and solidarity, and explore the very core of resistance, revealing how it responds to challenge, and shedding light on the transformative journey that awaits those who dare to push back against the pushback.

Igniting Your Call to Action

As you flip through the thought-provoking pages of Pushback, we invite you to reflect on your own encounters with resistance. Have you experienced the weight of silence? Have you seen the tides of change ripple through your actions, or have you been pushed aside? This zine is your catalyst for action, a call to engage with the world around you and be a part of the ongoing narrative for a more inclusive, equitable future.

Join the Movement

We are living amidst unparalleled challenges, yet the potential for change has never been greater. Pushback is a reminder that the fight for justice, equality, and inclusion is an ongoing journey. If you've ever questioned the status quo, if you've ever dared to dream of a better world, we extend our hand to you. Join us in the ranks of comrades and co-conspirators, as we challenge the boundaries of possibility and forge a path towards liberation.

Explore the pages of Pushback and be part of the movement for change. Download your copy today and join us in reshaping the future, one thought-provoking page at a time. Together, we can turn the tide of resistance into a wave of transformation.


Remember, if you're interested in exploring these ideas in your workplace, city, or community you can always contact us for a chat about the programmes we have on offer. And if you want to create to help forge a new path to equality, check out the Equality Republic: our movement for equalities practitioners.


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