Unconscious bias

You may have heard a lot about unconscious bias and how it can help individuals discover, review, and act on potential bias.

brap are trained unconscious bias practitioners. This means we can deliver a range of interventions designed to help individuals understand bias, especially within the context of their work.

Basically, unconscious bias is the attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain group. There are many ways in which this bias can operate – and many ways it can influence decision-making (both positively, and negatively) without an individual’s awareness. As this is unconscious behaviour, people often refute its existence: as a consequence, it is often challenging to help people recognise they are employing bias.

Unconscious bias tools and training are not a magic bullet to address all issues of discrimination within an organisation. But in combination with other interventions it can really help individuals understand how they might modify their behaviour and recognise how bias can play out as part of organisational culture.

We deliver a range of interventions.

Our half day interactive workshop will create a safe space for individuals to understand and explore the subtle discrimination that result from bias

This workshop is for leaders who are serious about exploring bias and discrimination within teams. It will help individuals take a leadership role in understanding how to address the outcomes of discrimination.

One of the best ways to uncover and address bias. Our trained coaches will use Implicitly – an online social bias measurement tool – to help individuals understand their biases. We’ll follow this up with bespoke support around bias control strategies. Suited to senior leadership and those in roles relating to equality, service redesign, human resources, and change or culture management.

As with all brap’s work, we increase knowledge and competence in these areas, so people are enabled to address issues of inclusion and equity. For more information, drop us a line or have a look at the video above where our CEO explains how bias manifests itself in the workplace and what it takes to 'switch it off'.